Two years ago I experienced an unexpected end to a relationship that caused me to suffer from depression.  I found myself without appetite to eat, lack of desire to interact with family and friends and lack of motivation to perform every day activities.  Not only was my mental health affected, but I saw my physical health decline once I found it difficult to eat and was loosing weight.

I knew that I needed to do something, otherwise I was going to “loose” myself.  I have never been one for taking medications, but due to what I thought was a significant state of sadness and depression, I contemplated anti-depressants.  Fortunately, I met Ginger and found another avenue of treatment with acupuncture and herbs that has worked wonders and has kept me on the right path without medications!

Ginger intently listened to me as I divulged some of the personal details of my experience that had brought me to such a low.  She expressed great concern and stated that she could most definitely help me and that I not take anti-depressants. Due to Ginger’s passion and strong belief in the power of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I felt I could put my life in to her hands and trust that she could pull me out of this hole.

Shortly after we spoke, Ginger was able to get me in for an acupuncture session.  After this session, I felt a better sense of calmness and peace and was actually slightly hungry!  The next day, albeit small, I was eating, 3 meals!! I was amazed! Over the course of the next few months, Ginger treated me and was able to pull me out of my depression and guide me towards alternative options for better mental and physical health!

If it weren’t for Ginger’s great passion and strong belief in acupuncture and her genuine care for people and their overall health, I would not be where I am today – happy, healthy and back to “normal”.  I truly believe acupuncture is for everyone and I know that Ginger is the acupuncturist that takes to heart your need to be well again and not only puts you that on that path, but guides and supports you as if you are her family member or close friend!

~ S.M.

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