“I turned to acupuncture on the suggestion of The Chicago Women’s Health Center, who had been treating me for chronic yeast infections. After taking antibiotics for a case of bacterial vaginosis, I began getting yeast infections approximately every 6 weeks. I would go to doctors who would treat the yeast infections with medication. The infections would go away only to return a few weeks later. I also during this period starting getting cytolitic vaginitis, which is an overgrowth of the “good” bacteria in the vagina– so essentially my body had completely lost its ability to regulate its balance of healthy and non-healthy bacteria, swinging back and forth between too much and too little. Obviously, this experience, which lasted for nearly a year beginning with the bacterial vaginosis, was totally horrible. I was always itchy. It started interfering with my sex life and my relationship with my partner. I became self-conscious about my body during sex. I remember crying on numerous occasions about the cycle I was in, so frustrated that the medicine that doctors gave me seemed only to perpetuate the problem. Traditional Chinese medicine was the only thing that I could find that solved my problem. I had a raging yeast infection on the day of my first treatment with Ginger, and Ginger’s treatments cleared up that infection and I have been without a yeast infection or any other vaginal infection for the 7 months since. With her acupuncture, herbs, and alterations in my diet, Ginger has led me out of the nightmare I was in. I was truly skeptical about T.C.M. before this experience, but I am completely convinced. Not only did her treatment solve my yeast problem, my overall health has improved significantly since I started seeing her. I have an immune deficiency, and as such have fallen ill with every cold and flu in sight all my life. I got one cold this entire season! Truly unprecedented for me, someone who is used to ending up at the doctor’s office at least once a year with a serious illness. She has also helped with other problems as they have arisen, such as anxiety, sleep problems, coldness, and digestion. And, she is such a pleasure to spend time with and to know: always cheerful, extremely committed to my treatment and concerned about my well-being, easy to contact and attentive, patient and a good communicator, understanding and kind–every attribute a person could hope for in a care-giver, and, dare I say, a friend. I heartily recommend Ginger to anyone seeking compassionate, effective, and holistic healing for their ailments.”

~ Rebecca


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