Melea Britt Alexander


I have worked with many health care providers over the course of my life and cannot speak highly enough of Ginger Weinzierl. She is a thoughtful and compassionate care provider whose warm demeanor and lightheartedness put me immediately at ease; she is kind and curious–a generous and careful listener. Ginger gently nudges me toward health, recognizing that the pursuit of well-being is a collaborative endeavor that cannot be rushed or forced; she skillfully facilitates the changes I wish to see in my life and in my health. She has a very gentle and powerful needle technique, and responds with great sensitivity to any & all feedback. I always leave her office feeling calm and energized.

I originally came to acupuncture some years ago to wean myself from anti-depressants; while they helped me to continue functioning at a time of great stress, I knew that I needed to be able to access my feelings from a place of clarity & awareness if I wished to resolve the underlying issues that created my depression in the first place. I saw a number of clinical interns at PCOM over the course of two years, uncovering my emotions around some old experiences and learning to perceive my bodymind in a different way than I ever had before. I learned a new language for describing symptoms & sensations, and began breaking down some of my own barriers to wellness.

Fast forward three years: I am now a first term student of acupuncture myself, and have been coming for weekly treatments with Ginger to help resolve persistent digestive problems & sleep difficulty. In the few short weeks I’ve been seeing her, I have experienced subtle but profound change. My digestion is regulating, I greet the day well rested, and I feel a deep, pervasive calm that has been conspicuously absent for a great, long while. I finally feel that I am reaching, with Ginger’s help, the resolution of those old patterns I’ve been fighting for years. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking to improve their own health

~ Melea Britt Alexander

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