In January of 2011, I arrived for my first acupuncture appointment at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago.  I thought I would address relief of  some stress, when the focus shifted to my depression and obesity struggles.

Over the past 4 years I had gained almost 70 pounds.  The weight gain caused me to be critical of myself and many other negative mindsets. I often struggled with falling asleep and consequently found having energy the next day at work was becoming increasingly difficult.  I had tried nearly every known diet, sometimes with success, but never with hoped for longevity.

When I met Ginger, she immediately made me feel hopeful that I could  accomplish my goal for optimal health. With my acupuncture treatments, Ginger has helped me feel rested and full of energy.  She has taught me Eastern ways of eating to help my digestion work more efficiently.  With each weekly visit Ginger’s questions would carefully guide which treatment would best serve my needs.  Sometimes it would address my physical well-being and at other times  my emotional health.  I truly appreciate all of the time she has taken to get to know me as her patient.  Also, her caring has been demonstrated by follow up contact between treatments to be sure I am on track and feeling well.

Another aspect of working with Ginger is the Chinese herb formulas she designs for me personally.  She takes the time for creating an appropriate formula each week to support my acupuncture treatments, and the goals I have for optimum health.

During this time, I have successfully quit smoking and have lost 20 pounds.  I continue to work towards my goals!  I look forward to my time with Ginger and the work we will continue to do together.

~ K.R.

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