I had been struggling with constipation for about 6 years and had tried EVERYTHING!  I never wanted to take or rely on laxatives so I tried almost every fiber supplement under the sun, prunes, teas, and more.  Sometimes my symptoms would dissipate for a little while, but my constipation would always come back in a few days.  It is a truly miserable feeling.

I had always heard that acupuncture is a cure for just about anything and had always thought about giving it a try.  However, it always seemed to be a financial stretch.  Then a colleague of mine told me she went to the Pacific College for treatment and always found an intern whom she loved. I figured I’d finally give it a try.

I went to my first session and tried getting another appointment with that intern (who was also good), but couldn’t, and I’m so glad it didn’t work out because the next appointment was with Ginger.  I IMMEDIATELY felt comfortable in her presence.  She has such a positive energy about her (I know it may sound cheesy, but it’s true!).  Along with my constipation, my hands and feet are always cold and from that first appointment with Ginger, not only was she focused on my constipation, but she always made sure my hands/feet were warm – with a heat lamp in the room every single time I arrived!  Ginger is one of the most personable people I have ever met – she knew I could get a little jumpy when putting in the needles (no need to be jumpy, but it’s just my nature), but she always made me feel comfortable and at ease – it truly shows that Ginger genuinely cares about my well-being, health, and life.

So, I am no longer constipated (I still can’t believe it!)!  I always looked forward to my treatments with Ginger as it not only became a session of acupuncturist/patient, but a session of letting go and seeing a friend.  I will miss my sessions with Ginger and know that anyone who goes to her, will feel the same way!

~ Jody

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